One Of Those Discussions That You Rarely Have Access To!!!

posted 19 Aug 2015, 07:34 by Dean Allan   [ updated 19 Aug 2015, 07:43 ]

As many of you would know, I have a podcast called BookPals Business Sanity where I chat with people who provide hints, tips and ideas to make your business life just that little bit easier.

One of my more recent guests is a guy called Dan Norris who had a chat with me about a business he and his mates are setting up called Black Hops Brewing (have a listen to it here - it's a great chat).

Anyway, as part of the Black Hops Brewing project, Dan and his mates have started their own podcast called Operation Brewing and I have just listened to an episode that I have to tell you about. 

The episode is where Dan chats with Steve Baxter of (among other things) the Shark Tank Australia TV Series and the reason why I think you have to listen to this discussion is because I believe that it is the best podcast interview I have ever heard for small business owners - bar none!!!

I know that this is a bloody big statement to make but I stand by it and this is why - if you're a small business owner who has a dream of turning your business into something really "big" what's the one thing you rarely have access to that will help you visualise what that big business is going to look like when you finally "make it"?

The insight of someone who has already been through what you are going through and has made it over to the other side!!!

Speaking for myself, I know that from the day I started my business back in 2006 I have always had a dream of making it more than just about me - what I mean by this is that I never started my business simply to create a "job" for myself - I have always had a dream of building something that will help others and that I can hand over to my son when it's time for me to "put my feet up". 

The difficulty with creating a "thing" like this is - what do you benchmark your goals against when you have never been there before? 

Often, you start your own small business after being an employee for a very long time (at least I did) and while you're "down in the dirt" driving your business to it's next level of success you rarely - if ever - have the time to visualise what life is going to look like when your business reaches the level of success that you are striving for. 

Well, this Operation Brewing discussion between Dan Norris and Steve Baxter gives you a wonderful insight into what "the other side" looks like!!!

I sat listening to this discussion mesmerised while Dan asked Steve every question I think I would ever ask someone with Steve's level of success and Steve's responses gave me a wonderful insight into what successful entrepreneurs think about when analysing a business. 

If you have a dream of turning your business into something "big" you have to listen to this discussion between Dan Norris and Steve Baxter and thank you Dan and Steve for an exceptional podcast interview.