Who Said It's A Bad Thing To Do?

posted 7 Jun 2015, 01:22 by Dean Allan   [ updated 7 Jun 2015, 01:24 ]

We were out driving around Adelaide today and we passed a church that had one of those signs out the front of it like they always do, only the message on this sign really caught my attention.

Let me share the message with you and see what you think - 


I have been thinking about that statement all day since seeing it for two reasons - firstly, the last place I would have expected to see a message like this was on a sign set up by the church and secondly, how profound that statement is in the context of business.

I have no idea which church it was - I only know it was around the Golden Grove area of South Australia - but "Bravo" to whoever came up with this statement because I think it is an absolute "belter"!!!

How many mistakes have you made in business?

More importantly - should you be making more?