A Look Back At 2014

Post date: Jan 1, 2015 1:29:37 AM

Happy New Year to you all!!!

Fortunately, the New Year's Eve party we went to was much more sedate than those of years gone by - you know you are growing up when around 11.30pm people start saying "I wish midnight would hurry up - I'm just about ready to go home"!!!!! LOL

I have been reflecting back on 2014 and what has been achieved over the year and I must say that it is a year that will forever stay in my mind as "eventful".

As with all years, there have been some real highs - and some real lows in it - let me share a few with you -

Serious Low - my wife started chemotherapy after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Serious High - my wife was cleared of all traces of cancer after her treatment and is back to living a wonderfully productive life.

Serious High - my son progressed through the ranks of his tennis and is now competing with (and beating) guys 3, 4 and 5 years older than him at the "ripe old" age of 12!!!

High - my son finished primary school and is all ready to start secondary school in 2015 (now the fun really starts!!! LOL).

Low - there was a drop in business due to a slow down in the economy - I found this aspect of business fascinating because we are now years past the G.F.C. but it has had a "flow on" effect in that business just seemed to "slow down" instead of simply "stop" after the G.F.C. - and this slowing down seemed to really "rear its ugly head" in 2014.

High - the BookPals project really started moving along with us bringing on a developer to start getting the software going and the start of the BookPals Business XLerator Online Community - it is wonderful to see the BookPals project really starting to provide value for people out there trying to make their way in the business world, because our goal has always been to provide business owners with the tools that they need to make their businesses more successful and the XLerator Community is the first step towards that goal.

As you can see above, there were some lows (and one serious low), but when you look back, these lows were seriously "trumped" by the highs and these highs have formed the foundation of a fantastic start to 2015.

I wish you all the best for 2015 and hope you achieve whatever it is you are striving for.