This Is A Conference That Could Very Well Help Your Business

Post date: Apr 6, 2015 2:09:07 PM

I interviewed a guest on the BookPals Business Sanity podcast back in February and I wanted to let you know about it because there is a conference on this weekend that could be of great benefit to your business.

The conference is being held by The Australasian Association of Irlen Consultants and it is their 9th Biennial Conference that is being held in Adelaide, South Australia on the 11th and 12th of April 2015.

If you haven't heard of Irlen Syndrome before it is a condition loosely related to Dyslexia and when I found out about it and the upcoming conference I asked Maria De Ionno of Dyslexia and Reading Solutions if she could come on to BookPals Business Sanity to talk about it because understanding these types of conditions can have far reaching ramifications when you run your own business.

I'm not going to spoil things by telling you about it here - have a listen to my podcast interview with Maria and check out the information on the upcoming conference because this information could seriously help you and your business.