It's Time To Spread Their Wings!!!

Post date: May 23, 2015 2:11:51 AM

Have I ever told you about my wife and mother-in-law and Krondorf Trading Co?

Krondorf Trading Co is a family business based in South Australia which is owned by my mother-in-law (Bev) and my wife (Annie) has been helping her mum create some of the best mustards, relishes, pickles and sauces you will ever taste (I'm not just saying this to stay in the "good books" - they're bloody beautiful!!!! LOL).

Anyway, Bev is in the process of retiring after almost 30 years of running Krondorf Trading Co and Annie is taking over the business!!!

As part of the business handover, Krondorf Trading Co has joined forces with She's Apples in Gawler to sell all their gourmet delicacies, so the next time you are looking for beautiful fruit and veg in Adelaide - and you have a hankering for delicious flavours to add to snacks or meals you are preparing - get in contact with She's Apples in Gawler and sample what Krondorf Trading Co has on offer - I promise you you'll love it!!!

Oh - I nearly forgot - for those of you who are interstate and can't get access to Krondorf Trading Co's delicious produce via She's Apples in Gawler a new website for Krondorf Trading Co is on the way - in the meantime, if you want to know more just send me an email to and I'll pass your details on to Annie.