Doesn't Time Fly When You're Having Fun?!!! LOL

Post date: Jul 8, 2015 9:47:35 AM

Don't you just love social media?

I've been out with a client all day today and my phone has buzzing away on my belt telling me that I have been receiving emails!!!

I was dreading getting back to the office because I was a bit concerned that something had gone "wrong" but I was most pleasantly surprised when I got back and checked my emails because there were a whole heap of "well wishing" messages from my LinkedIn friends!!!

Why?.... because MYbookkeeping Services turned 9 years old today - Yaaaahhh!!!! LOL

With what has been happening with the BookPals rollout recently (we're only weeks away from launch - it's getting exciting!!!!) the "old girl" has been "neglected" a bit and it was so nice to be reminded that my first "solo" business is still going strong even after all these years.

Thank you to all my LinkedIn well wishers - it was a timely reminder that your "old friends" are still around and sticking by you even when your focus is in other areas of your life.

More importantly, I want to thank all of my clients - past and present - for the trust that they have bestowed upon me by allowing me to look after their financial records.

Rest assured your trust is - and never will be - taken lightly and I look forward to serving you all for many more years to come.