What About Affiliate Marketing?

Post date: Jan 28, 2015 9:58:42 AM


How often do you think about different ways to generate more income while not driving yourself into the ground doing so?

What about affiliate marketing?

If you're not sure what affiliate marketing actually is, it's where you tell people about products and services that you think might be of benefit to them and if they buy this product or service you get a commission for the sale.

Let me give you an example - if you've been reading my posts for a while you will know that the BookPals Business XLerator community recently launched and as part of this launch, we have included an affiliate program with it so that you can make money by letting your friends know about the Community.

The XLerator Community affiliate link has been set up via JVZoo.com - do yourself a favour and have a look at JVZoo.com because as well as the XLerator Community affiliate program there are hundreds of other affiliate programs there catering for all manner of interests.

This means that as well as telling your friends about BookPals Business XLerator you will also find other affiliate programs there that may interest other people you know and you can also tell them about these other programs as well - and make a little "coin" in the process.

Head on over to JVZoo.com, sign up to become an XLerator affiliate and make some more money.