Who Said Men Aren't Creative?!!!!!

Post date: Mar 21, 2014 3:37:26 AM


If any of you have been checking out the BookPals website over recent times you would have noticed that it has undergone a few changes.

Several weeks ago we changed the logo colour from a turquoise blue to a red and this meant that we also had to change the colour scheme of the whole website, because the red logo looked terrible against the original colour scheme.

My darling wife - who has never been known for her subtlety!!!! - was asked to comment on the new look website and her response was "concerning" to say the least - she thought it looked like a children's cartoon website!!!!!!! LOL

What were we to do?

A "Critical Business Crisis Meeting!!!" was called by the BookPals partners to fix the problem and we are very pleased with the result - say hi to the new look BookPals blog and website!!!!

Simple, clean and easy to navigate - isn't it wonderful what guys can think up once they get "put back in their boxes" by their partners?!!!!!! LOL

Best of all, you can now comment on every blog post that goes up there, so check out the BookPals blog and website and let us know what you think.

Oh - and to my darling wife - thank you for your subtle "kick in the head" comment the other week about the old website - it was just what we needed!!!!!! 8=)