Well, I Must Say That I Am Most Pleasantly Surprised!!

Post date: Mar 6, 2015 1:28:18 AM


You know how it is when you first come up with an idea that you know will benefit the people around you, but you worry that these people won't see the benefit?

Well - if I am absolutely honest with you - this exact thought did go through my mind when we first started working on BookPals Business XLerator.

Don't get me wrong - I knew the value that we were going to provide inside the XLerator community, but all we hear these days is how "time poor" everyone is, so my concern was that people would think "It sounds good, I just don't have the time".

But here's the thing - there are times when I'm online where all I want to do is to talk to people who are totally focussed on business, not all the other "stuff" that happens online these days.

Look, I'm no different to everyone else out there, I head off to places like Facebook and Twitter and have a bit of fun with my mates whenever I can, but if I've set aside some time to focus specifically on my business I have struggled to find a place online where I can do just this - until now!!

And with how people are embracing the XLerator community, it looks like I'm not the only person out there with the same problem!!

The BookPals Business XLerator community has only been opened a few short weeks and already there are almost 40 people in there discussing the dynamics of running a business.

The best part is that it is not all that "usual stuff" going on inside XLerator like SEO, online marketing and everything else that you hear about every day of the week.

Don't believe me? Then let me give you an example -

I'm in XLerator at the moment having a discussion with a guy that was held captive in South East Asia for over a year!!!

The guy's name is Warren Rodwell and when you hear his story you will honestly believe that you're reading the script from a movie.

"What has this got to do with business?" I hear you say - well, the conversation is based around using his experience to help business owners better understand the importance of effective communication and compromise in a business setting - tell me where else online a discussion like this is taking place?

I think this is a wonderful example of the value you get out of becoming an XLerator member - and I am quietly confident that the other XLerator members agree because this particular discussion has been going for a little over a week and already there have been almost 80 visits to it to find out what is going on!!

Join us in XLerator and find more wonderful business gems just like this one.