Are You Really "Killing The Baby"?

Post date: Aug 4, 2013 2:16:08 AM

I have been having some really interesting discussions with a client of mine over recent times.

His business has been struggling for some time due to a downturn in the economy and closing it down and moving onto something more profitable has become a regular discussion topic between us.

He is now at a point where he is saying that the only thing that is stopping him from closing the business down is because he feels like he is "killing his baby".

Anyone who has started their own business will know how he feels - the reality of creating and running one's own business can be very closely aligned to raising a child - in fact, the families of many business owners will argue that the business gets more attention than the children at times!!!!

On the other hand, I think it is important to realise that your business is nothing more than a representation of your ability to create things - it is not a living thing of itself (in my opinion) - it is simply the manifestation and design of your idea of "business success".

If this is a correct, then closing down your business is nothing more than another decision you have made on your journey towards business success - this "version" of your idea of success has not worked, so it is time to move onto the new "version".

I think it is really important to understand that everything in life requires refinement on it's way to "perfection", so if you get to a point where a particular project needs to be closed down because it is not working, please understand that you are not "killing the baby" - you are simply mature and objective enough to realise that things are not working in their current form, so it is time to move on to the next project.

Are there things that your should stop doing in your business for the overall good of your business as a whole?