Start Having A Read Of The BookPals Business Sanity Podcast Episodes Yourself

Post date: Nov 4, 2014 1:28:34 PM

Many of you who have been long time readers of this blog will know that I have also put together a podcast called BookPals Business Sanity as part of the upcoming BookPals launch.

I have resisted from talking about the podcast much on this blog until I felt comfortable about the level of help it could provide you with running your own business, but now - after 45 podcast episodes and almost 40,000 downloads - I reckon that it's about time you found out what BookPals Business Sanity is all about.

What I'll be doing over the coming weeks and months is introducing you to each episode and providing you with a link here so that you can access each episode directly.

FYI - the episodes come in two distinct formats - the first is where I interview a guest who can help you with some aspect of your business and the second is where I provide you with an update on how the BookPals rollout is progressing and how using BookPals is going to make your business life easier.

When I interview a guest I also create an audio transcription of the episode for you to download - totally free of charge of course - to use as a reference for the discussion and for you to scribble ideas and hints on to help you with your business.

So, without any further ado, welcome to an overview of Episode 1 of BookPals Business Sanity!!!

This episode welcomes new listeners to the podcast and gives you a real insight into the lead up to the BookPals launch and why we decided to start developing BookPals in the first place, so have a listen to it to get a real idea of what BookPals is all about and I hope you get value out of this and all the upcoming episodes that I'll provide you with.

Oh - and also remember to download the audio transcription of this episode so that you have somewhere to write your notes.