It's Time - Now You Can Free Up Time To Ram Your Business Into Overdrive!!!

Post date: Nov 22, 2015 8:28:18 AM

If you've been following us here for some time you will know that it has been a month since we've last said "Hi" - sorry for the time between posts, but we've got a really good reason - and it's called BookPals!!!

You know from my last post here that BookPals launched last month and the response to it has been great.

The best part about it is when you hear from new users and they confirm that it is so easy to use.

I was helping one of these users find her way around BookPals the other day (Hi Shannon!!!) and it was great to hear her say things like "Gee, this makes things easy" and "That's fantastic" because this has been our goal from the time that the BookPals project first started - to give small business owners the means to get their bookkeeping sorted quickly and easily.

An interesting aspect of the BookPals rollout was when I got an email from a bookkeeper the other day (Hi Jen!!!) asking me how BookPals was going to help bookkeepers when - on the face of it - BookPals was providing small business owners with an easy to use bookkeeping solution and the potential was there to actually disadvantage bookkeepers but as I explained to Jen, our goal at BookPals has always been to provide business owners with an easy to use bookkeeping solution while at the same time giving them a place to connect with bookkeepers (inside the BookPals Business XLerator community) so that when they finally get sick of doing the bookkeeping themselves, they can quickly and easily hand over their bookkeeping to someone who they have built up a relationship with during the time that they have got to know them inside XLerator.

The real "icing on the cake" for me (yep, self-satisfaction time!!! LOL) was when Shannon shared her books with both me and her Accountant and started asking questions about her bookkeeping from inside BookPals itself using the conversation functionality that's available as part of your BookPals membership, because instead of hunting through emails trying to find her questions - and/or getting phone calls when I can't answer them - and/or text messages when I am in meetings with other clients - now her questions are waiting patiently for me for when I am inside BookPals and - much more importantly - my replies are there waiting for her when she is back inside BookPals to continue her bookkeeping - in other words no more unwanted disruptions while you are getting on with all the other aspects of your busy life.

Time to sign off with a very simple statement that I think says it all - if you're a business owner, BookPals is great for you - if you're a Bookkeeper, BookPals is great for you - and if you're an Accountant, BookPals is great - join us and find out why!!!