How To Turn Road Kill Into A Business Opportunity!!!

Post date: May 30, 2015 1:46:14 AM

To say this week has been an interesting week is an understatement!!!

The good news is that the BookPals rollout is now only weeks away and things are on track for a release of the software in early July.

The BookPals rollout is also part of the bad news - because I hit a bloody kangaroo on the way home from a BookPalsdevelopment meeting last week 8-(

As you can see from the photo he did a "good job" on my car and I want to share with you something that came out of this incident because I think it is a wonderful example of taking advantage of opportunities when they occur.

After the accident I posted about it on my Facebook Page and the usual banter started from my friends and relatives (as is always the case) when this kind of thing happens.

Then came the following comment from a friend of a friend who was obviously reading the post -

"Had a roo miss me by centimeters recently ... need to get my ShuRoo fitted"

I didn't "get" the comment until one of my friends posts a reply that says "Shameless Plug" and an image of a ShuRoo logo - ShuRoo is come kind of "anti-kangaroo" device that is available for sale and apparently the person who made the ShuRoo comment has family members who sell it - now, is that some of best Guerrilla Marketing tactics you have ever seen?!!! LOL.

Just like the old Boy Scout motto - Be Prepared - because you never know when opportunity will come knocking (or bouncing in my case!!!) on your door.