Time To Profile A Business Having A "Red Hot" Go!!!

Post date: Feb 14, 2016 8:22:19 AM


I received an email from one of my clients the other day and I have to share the details with you because what these guys are doing epitomises small business owners out there having a "red hot go"!!!

Ben and Angela Gibson run a business in South Australia called Lovin It Fresh and it's one of those businesses that everyone thinking about starting their own small business should have a good hard look at.

What they've done is identified a niche in the market that all us "city slickers" take for granted but is sorely lacking in many remote areas of Australia - the supply of fresh fruit and vegetables.

So here's this young couple who've employed a small team and are working their guts out (excuse the expression, but these guys really do work hard) to deliver fresh fruit and vegetables to people in remote areas of South Australia and let me say right here and now that it is a pleasure to be associated with them and watch as their efforts bear fruit (excuse the pun!!! LOL).

What has always impressed me most about Angela and Ben is that they are constantly looking at ways to make the experience of purchasing fresh fruit and veg from Lovin It Fresh easier and more seamless, so when I found out that they have launched a new website I just had to let you know about it.

If you're based in rural South Australia and long for fresh fruit and vegetables get in contact with Ben and Angela at Lovin It Fresh because you won't be disappointed with their service and the quality of their produce.