Watching, As The Future Of Business Unfolds

Post date: Sep 29, 2013 12:51:50 AM

This week has been an insightful week.

I have been helping with the website copy of a new business about to be launched in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia called the Adelaide Hills Business Centre (AHBC).

The AHBC is being set up by my business coach - Gordon Kay - and it is going to change the way that business owners interact with each other and the way that they conduct their business affairs.

I took part in one of Gordon's Business Owners Coaching Programs back in 2010 and I remember vividly that a big part of the value gained from this program was the ability to brainstorm ideas with likeminded business owners as we all worked together to improve our respective businesses.

Our monthly coaching meetings were open and honest - and there were times when some comments expressed were not necessarily appreciated, but needed to be said all the same - and this "open forum" concept contributed greatly to the success of the whole program.

This philosophy of "shared ideas for the benefit of the group as a whole" is very much what the new Adelaide Hills Business Centre is all about.

The AHBC's focus is based on the Cowork concept, where people gather and share ideas for the overall good of the group.

As small business owners, we often forget that there are many people around us that both compliment our business and that can provide us with ideas on how to improve our business through their own experiences.

There are times when we are so focussed on "getting the next customer", that we miss a chance to form an alliance with, or get advice from, someone who is just the right person we are looking for to improve our business - simply because this person may be another business owner who we think cannot help us - or we may even think that they could be a threat to our business because they are in a similar industry to ours!!!!

If you spend time in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia and you are looking for ideas on how to take your business to "the next level", I would encourage you to check out the Adelaide Hills Business Centre and see if it can help you.

Well done Gordon - a great initiative.