Isn't It Funny What Your Children Listen To?

Post date: May 20, 2013 11:09:32 AM

You constantly hear about being careful of what you say around your children, but as a result of something I have been "banging on" about recently, I got a very pleasant surprise from my son the other day. Long time readers of this blog will know that it has just undergone a complete facelift. While making the changes I have been regularly asking my family what they think about the new look and feel of it and during one of these discussions my son started asking me questions like "What is a blog?" and "Why do you set them up?".

A couple of days ago he wandered up to me and said "Dad, I've decided to start my own blog - can you help me set it up?"!!

While trying to hide my smile, my first question was "Have you thought about what you are going to talk about?" to which he replied "The one thing I know heaps about - computer games!!!!" (He's still in primary school - give him a break!!!!)

I explained to him that this would be a great topic to talk about online and I would guide him through the process, but he had to do all the work himself, to which he readily agreed.

Well, to say I'm a "Proud Dad" at the moment is an understatement - check out his new blog!!!!

He has done the whole thing himself, with little to no real input from me and I reckon it is terrific considering he isn't even a teenager yet and only started this project a couple of days ago.

He has created every post himself and sourced all the relevant content for the hyperlinks on his own and my only input is to give him some ideas on the post titles, a broad idea of what to discuss in the content and how to hyperlink to relevant sites.

The scary part is he came up to me today to ask if he can make any money out of blogs!!!!!

I immediately went into business mode (typical!!!!), but his Mum stopped me when I tried to get him to sign a Management Agreement with me (I thought an 80% management fee was fair but his Mum disagreed!!!!!! 8=)).

Anyway, check out the blog and see what you think - and if you want to know anything (and I mean anything) about computer games (past or present) ask the question, because he is like an encyclopaedia on this topic.

As an aside, I'd like to give a huge "shout out" to James Schramko and his team at, because they also played a part in my son's new blog.

My blog revamp has come about as a result of the information and training I am receiving now I have become a member of James Schramko's Fast Web Formula community.

My blog has been sitting here for years now, doing nothing really to support or promote my business and it has only been since I have started to listen to James' podcasts and joined his Fast Web Formula community that I have begun to understand the real power of blogging.

I would recommend Fast Web Formula membership to anyone interested in increasing their online presence - thank you James and all your team.