If You Can Show Me This Much Value For The Same Price Anywhere Else I Want To Know About It!!

Post date: Feb 11, 2015 1:00:15 PM


I am still shaking my head after the BookPals management meeting we had yesterday!!

My head is not shaking in disbelief - in fact, far from it - it's shaking in amazement because I am trying to think of another place where you can now get so much value for absolutely no cost - and I can't think of one!!!

Here's what we've done (are you sitting down?) -

We've Just Made The BookPals Business XLerator Community Free To Join!!

Yep - as of today you can become a BookPals Business XLerator member for absolutely no cost!!

Don't worry - we hadn't been drinking when we made this decision, so we're not going to be changing our minds when we sober up!!! LOL

This decision was made for one reason and one reason only - we are getting close to having the BookPals business software ready for launch and when it does launch, we want our XLerator member's feedback on what's right about it - what's wrong about it - and what we can do to make using it a much better experience for users.

Sure, we could have opened up the software for anyone to test it once it was ready to go, but we all have this "thing" about people not having any real "skin in the game" making comments about how good (or otherwise) something we have built is.

It's sort of like that sport's fan that sits in the grandstand telling their team what they should be doing when they have never spent a minute on the field themselves - what right do they have of telling anyone how to play the game unless they are part of the team and have done it themselves?

And that's why we've opened up the BookPals Business XLerator community so that you can now join it absolutely free of charge - the money side of it isn't important - we are doing this because we want you in XLerator - chatting with us - telling us about your business and the dynamics or running it - letting us know when you have an event or some kind of meeting coming up so that other members can attend - letting us know your "pre-launch" expectations of our upcoming software - and all the other interactions that take place when a group of likeminded people start talking with each other - so that when it comes time to ask you what you think of our new software you know us - we know you - and because we both know each other, any suggestions made are valued by all parties.

Oh - and I nearly forgot - when the software launches, you get to use the release version free of charge for as long as you like!!

Come into XLerator now and let's start - all it takes is a name and an email address and when you see the value that is already in there, your head will start shaking too!!!