To Say Today Is A Day To Celebrate Is An Absolute Understatement!!!

Post date: Oct 21, 2015 11:27:12 PM

Have you ever gone on a journey and when you first started out it seemed like the destination was so far away that you would never get there and then - in the blink of an eye - you've hit your destination?

Well, yesterday that's exactly what happened to me, because yesterday we launched the BookPals software!!!

Just to put the significance of this launch into perspective, the idea of BookPals started in early 2010 - that's right, over 5 years ago!!! - so to say that yesterday is significant in my business life is an absolute understatement.

Have a look at the new BookPals website and see what you think - and more importantly, if you're one of those small business owners who hates the existing bookkeeping solutions currently on the market, come in to BookPals and give it a go because I guarantee you it is so much easy than the other solutions you have available to you out there.

I have to give a HUGE shout out to John Judd of Codeboss who has helped us create the BookPals software and continues to work on it tirelessly even today because now it is out there, the "fun part" really begins in turning it into exactly what you need for your business.

Thanks John - it is hard for me to put into words my appreciation for what you have done - and continue to do - to make BookPals what it is and what it will become.

Another HUGE shout out has to go out to Gordon Kay of the Adelaide Hills Business Centre - how Gordon has not put my phone number on his "blocked number" list is beyond me!!! LOL

The whole idea of BookPals came about as a result of a conversation Gordon and I had over a cup of coffee in a small cafe in Gawler, South Australia, way back in 2010 - thank you Gordon - I don't think you'll ever really understand how much I appreciate your guidance (and patience LOL) through this whole process.

The biggest shout out of all has to go out to my darling wife Annie, because between "Are you ever going to come in from that office tonight?!!!" calls from the family room of our house she has been by my side the whole time to support me through the BookPals rollout and I really could not have kept going without her support.

Ok - enough of the "mushy stuff" - now it's over to you guys - come on over to BookPals and join up!!!

It is absolutely free of charge to use BookPals for the first month and as a special introductory offer it is going to cost you the grand total of $5.00 a month after that to use!!!

That's right - this is not a typing error - BookPals Is Free For The First Month And Then It Is The Going To Cost You $5.00 Per Month To Use!!!

I can tell you now that this special introductory offer will not last forever, but what is most important at the moment is making sure that we have created exactly what you need for your business and this is why we have kept the cost to you down to little more than what it would cost you to buy a couple of cans of soft drink or flavoured milk a month (and you'll probably feel healthier with the reduced sugar "fix"!!!).

Check out BookPals now and see how it will make your business life easier ---