It's Time To Refine Your "Fishing Habits"

Post date: Oct 26, 2014 2:45:07 AM

The power of Karma will never cease to amaze me!!

Two days ago I released a new episode of BookPals Business Sanity where I spoke with John Logar of about the importance of "niching down" when marketing your product or service and only last night I found out about a situation that supports this philosophy 100%.

I won't go into all the details of the podcast episode here - have a read of the blog post I created on it over at BookPals, then listen to the podcast episode itself (it's a really good insight into this aspect of running your business) but briefly, John explains how important it is to niche right down when marketing your products and services so that you attract the exact kind of customer you are looking for in your business.

Anyway, I was out at a charity dinner last night and got talking to an old friend of mine who is preparing for a job interview in a week or so's time and I nearly fell off my chair when he started explaining why he is going for this new job.

The business he works for is looking at implementing new strategies to increase the amount of revenue coming into their business and the current sales manager is struggling with coming up with new ideas on how to do so.

The existing sales manager is in his early 60's and comes from an era where you "dragged" as many customers as you can into the business and as long as they are buying your product or service you - as the sales manager - were doing your job.

There is only one problem with this strategy - after a analysis of the jobs completed, the owners were finding out that some of the jobs were actually costing them money instead of making them money!!!

When they found this out, it is an understatement to say that the owners weren't happy - and when they have discussed this dilemma with the sales manager, the response was "I'm just about retired and I'm too old to change now - don't care!!!".

For some strange reason, shortly after this discussion the sales manager's position was re-advertised - I can't understand why!!! LOL

Anyway, this mate of mine is in the running for the job and we had a wonderful discussion about his thoughts on how to niche their marketing efforts right down if he is successful in getting the job so that every customer they take on is not only profitable to the business, but is also a client that they enjoy working with.

This is a wonderful example of how business is starting to "catch on" about niching right down to find their ideal client, so check out the podcast and have a think about how you can implement similar strategies to drive your business to greater success.