System Developers Are Unsung Heros

Post date: Aug 19, 2013 2:27:04 AM

We are working on a fairly big project at the moment and it has been a stark reminder of how much time and effort System Developers put in to making quality software products.

It is not until you actually start developing software that you begin to understand how complex and time consuming the process really is.

When we first started this "little" project I was of the opinion that it would take a few meetings to get an idea of what we needed, a few quick notes to get our ideas down on paper, a quick "ring around" to find a programmer that would convert our ideas into usable code and within a couple of months we would have our software up and ready for sale.

It took me one meeting to realise how far from the truth this was!!

It amazes me how many times the answers to one particular aspect of software development leads to an awareness of something that has been missed, so the development continues - and continues - and continues!!!!

The end result will mean a quality product, but the next time you are sitting in your office, grumbling because your system developers are taking "so long" to sort out a software problem, it might be an idea to give them a break - if our project is indicative of the work that needs to be done, it is a time consuming process and they should be thanked for their efforts, not criticised.

Oh, if our "little" project is of interest to you, you can read about it at - let us know what you think.