It's Tax Time Again - Are You Ready?

Post date: Jul 12, 2013 7:53:08 AM

It's tax time again - time to get all those receipts together and make the annual visit to your Accountant to get your tax return lodged.

Today I received some correspondence from our good friends at Pauline R Murray Accountants that is well worth the read before making an appointment to see your accountant.

There is Memory Joggers that lists a whole heap of expenses that can be claimed, so if there is anything there that you may be able to claim in your business, make sure you have all your receipts ready to go before your visit to the accountant.

I have also included their Taxation Newsletter 2013 that lists a whole heap of tax related information that you may need to take into consideration when lodging your return.

Have a good read of both documents, because they will give you a much better understanding of the types of business expenses you can claim and the kind of things the tax department takes into consideration when they audit tax returns.

Thank you Pauline R Murray Accountants for providing us with this informative, timely information - Pauline and her team have several offices throughout South Australia, so if you have any questions relating to your business, or you are looking for an accountant to do your returns, give them a call - I am sure they will be happy to help.