Are You Really Embracing New Technology?

Post date: Nov 12, 2014 9:38:30 AM

This weekend really "hit home" to me just how much technology has "blurred the lines" between what we call "work" and "play".

We flew into Sydney for a couple of day's "R & R" from Adelaide and our relatives - who recently migrated across from the U.K. and are now living in Victoria - decided that they would join us to "catch up" and have some "family time" together.

It has been 20 years since I had last visited Sydney and over 30 years since I had lived there (I was based there for 6 months of training back in the early 80's when I was in the Army) and it was fantastic to see just how much the place had changed from the last time I had visited.

What really impacted on me was the ease in which I was still able to conduct business while away.

You have all heard me "banging on" about the upcoming BookPals launch and while away there were a number of matters that had to be dealt with relating to this launch - together with various calls and emails I received from my bookkeeping customers - and I was constantly smiling to myself thinking about how easy it is to do business nowadays compared to when I was in the same city all those years ago.

We now live in an era where you have a "mini-computer" in your pocket in the form of a mobile phone, most urban areas have somewhere where you can access free wi-fi and if you need to have a "meeting" you can do so from anywhere in the world simply by opening up Skype or Google Hangouts and talk with people anywhere - any time - as easily as if you were sitting across from them in your own office.

All this "new" technology does not come naturally to me - being in my 50's, I grew up in the "face-to-face" business environment - but since starting the BookPals project I have had to learn what all this "new online stuff" is all about and I can tell you first hand, you really can start having a "life" while still running your business when you start embracing the technology now available to us.

Have a think about what aspects of technology you can introduce into your business that will allow you to spend more time doing the things you really love to do.