Audio Presentations - why aren't you doing them?

Post date: Sep 12, 2013 9:13:51 AM

I recently finished some audio presentations for a project I am working on called BookPals and after the impact it has had on the BookPals website I think that anyone trying to promote their business should be doing this.

24 hours after launching and promoting the new BookPals Podcasts Page there was an increase in traffic of more than 600%!!

Usually, we get about 5 visits a day to the BookPals website, but on the day that the audio presentations launched there were 32 new visits - and the vast majority of these visitors went to the new Podcasts Page (23 in total).

It makes sense that listening to audio presentations is attractive to people - when you run your own business, there are very few times in the day when you get "free time".

I find that often, the only time I get any "free time" is while I am in my car between appointments, so listening to podcasts and audio presentations while driving is a perfect opportunity to get new ideas for my business.

Is it the same with you?

If you have not thought about audio presentations before and you are looking for new ways to promote your business, you really should consider doing so.

I found learning to podcast was great - I did Dan Lyon's Podcast Like A Radio DJ course and found it very easy to follow and a heap of fun to learn.

Be truthful, at some time in your life, haven't you dreamt of being a DJ as well?!!!!

If you don't think podcasting is your "thing", but you can still see the benefit in using audio presentations to promote your business, we have just launched a new Audio Presentation Service where we can do the audios for you.

Have a listen to the BookPals Podcasts to get an idea on how you can market your products and services and if you think that they could work for you, Contact Us and lets see if we can come up with a solution for your business.