Onsell & Upsell!!

Post date: Jul 2, 2013 7:49:09 AM

I had an interesting experience today that I thought was a wonderful example of how you can offer add-on services to your customers.

I was in a small business that ran a post office, newsagents and lottery agency to buy some stationery.

After making my purchase, the person behind the counter simply smiled and said "Do you know that there is a $50,000,000.00 jackpot on the lottery tonight?"

I don't gamble, so declined the "offer", but it was not until I left the premises that I realised the comment was not what you would really class as a real "sales pitch" to buy a lottery ticket - just a simple statement of fact that could quite easily have turned into an upsell from my original purchase, with little, to no resistance by the customer (me!!).

Too often you walk out of businesses feeling "pressured" to buy something that you did not really want to know about in the first place, but on this occasion there was no pressure at all - it almost felt like I should have thanked the sales person for bringing the lottery to my attention!!

Are there onsells and upsells in your business that you could sell more of if you simply changed the way that they were presented to your customers?