It's Time To Be Different - What Do You Think?

Post date: Jun 12, 2013 9:32:16 AM

We often hear from business owners about how difficult it is to use traditional bookkeeping software.

A common thread is that it adds hours to your working week because it takes so long to enter receipts.

Another common complaint is that you need to be a "pseudo accountant" to understand what you are doing.

We would like to know your thoughts.

What do you think about the traditional bookkeeping software currently on the market?

If there are things that you don't like about this software, what could be done to fix these things?

We are trying to make this aspect of your business life just that little bit easier, so the more information and ideas you can give us, the better chance we have of providing you with the solution that you are looking for.

Join us on our Facebook Page and have your say because we value your input - it is the best way for us to find out exactly what you want.