If you want to do your own bookkeeping but need help understanding all the accounting "stuff" involved in business bookkeeping, we can help you.

Our preferred bookkeeping platform is MYOB and we will teach you how to enter your receipts into this software.

If you use other bookkeeping software and struggle to understand all the "Debit and Credit" accounting principles that you keep hearing about, we'll mentor you so that it all becomes crystal clear for you.

Your training can be done at your place if you are based in South Australia - or online if you are interstate and/or if this is simply more convenient for you.

By the end of our training sessions you will be confident that you can accurately record your business receipts into whatever bookkeeping system you use.

Here's what you get -

  • An initial consultation so that we can ascertain your current level of bookkeeping knowledge and/or accounting principles
  • A customised training program, specifically designed for your personal requirements
  • "One to One" training - in person, or online (via Skype)
  • After hours training if you don't have time during the day to be trained

Cost -

You have two choices for your training - which one suits you best?

  1. Need You Now - if you already have a good understanding of bookkeeping principles and simply want us to spend some time with you to clear up any nagging questions that you might have, our charge is $75.00 (plus GST) per hour to provide you with this service.
  2. Become a Bookkeeping Buddy - if your bookkeeping knowledge is not so strong and you believe that ongoing assistance is right for you, why not become a Bookkeeping Buddy? The cost for this service is $300.00 (plus GST) per month and you get unlimited phone calls, Skype discussions and/or email assistance to help you with your bookkeeping.

Contact us now and lets talk about the type of training that is right for you.