Tax Time Health Check

Are your records ready for tax time?

It is really important that your records are ready to be checked by your Accountant.

Poor bookkeeping can cost you thousands of extra dollars in Accounting fees.

Let us do a Tax Time Health Check on your data before you visit your Accountant.

Here's what you get -

  • A check of your chart of accounts to make sure everything is set up correctly
  • An audit of your records to make sure they are entered correctly
  • A check of the tax codes to make sure they are right
  • A check of your receipts to ensure they are tax compliant in case you get audited
  • Updates and amendments to any incorrect entries found
  • Discussions with your Accountant prior to your visit

Cost - $300.00 (plus GST)

A Tax Time Health Check can save you thousands of dollars so contact us before you see your Accountant.