Now's The Time To Decide Over At BookPals

Post date: Feb 7, 2016 10:47:13 PM

Yes, it has been quiet here at MYbookkeeping Musings over the past couple of months - but I have a very good reason why!!!

No - it's not because we have been lazing around over the Christmas/New Year break.

No - it's not because we have run out of things to say (I don't ever remember a time where I've run out of things to say!!! LOL)

The reason is quite simple - it's because we have been working like mad on the BookPals project!!!

You would remember that the BookPals beta version was released in October 2015 and ever since then, John Judd of Codeboss and I have been working tirelessly to get the "full" version of BookPals up and running for you to use.

Well, last Friday we reached that goal and BookPals is now what we call Release Ready!!!

What does this mean for you?

You now have a bookkeeping solution that is more intuitive and easier to use than anything that is out there on the market.

You now can get your bookkeeping done without having to understand all these accounting principles to do so.

You now have all your receipts in one place - and easy to access - instead of being spread out around the house in every shoebox, filing cabinet, nook and cranny you can find.

You now are able to get the help of a Bookkeeper when you need it without ever having to wait around for this person to turn up and do your bookkeeping.

That's right - bookkeeping has just become much MUCH easier and it gets even better -

The price of BookPals stays at the Beta Release price until 1 March 2016!!!

That's right, until the 1st of March 2016 you get to use BookPals for the grand old price of $5.00 per month - and the price does not go up for you when it goes up for everyone else at the beginning of March!!!

Just so you know, BookPals is going to cost $15.00 per month as at 1 March 2016 so if you like the idea of a 66% saving on top of a system that will allow you to get your bookkeeping sorted quickly and easily, now is the time to start using BookPals.

Oh - I nearly forgot to say - the first month is absolutely free of charge so you can work out if BookPals is right for you without it costing you a cent to do so!!!

It's Time To Decide - do you want to keep using a bookkeeping system that you neither like nor understand, or do you want to start using a bookkeeping system that is quick and simple to use and allows you to get back to doing what's most important in your life?

It's Your Choice - Join Us If The Answer Is BookPals