A Wonderful Example Of Thinking "Outside The Box"!!!

Post date: Jul 12, 2014 1:10:40 AM


We did a quick trip over to see relatives in Victoria last week and while there I saw a magnificent example of a company who is thinking "outside the box" and as a result is having wonderful success.

Little Creatures is a boutique brewery based in Australia.

It started in Fremantle Western Australia in 2001 and has now expanded to include a dining hall in Melbourne Victoria and has also opened up another brewery in Geelong Victoria.

We were visiting relatives in Geelong and went to the Geelong Brewery for lunch.

Let me describe what I see when we first get there - big old red brick warehouse buildings behind high brick walls situated in the industrial "back streets" of Geelong where you are met by a security guard at the front gate who instructs you (very politely) to follow the "yellow path" to the dining area.

As we are wandering down the path I am thinking to myself "Is this somewhere to get a meal, or a we going to be handed overalls and told to take our place on the process line?"!!!! LOL

We walk between several drab looking warehouses and around a corner where we are met with an absolute beehive of activity!!!!

Nestled in between the warehouses is the Creatures Craft Market (check out a picture of it via this link) and there are people everywhere.

My first thought was "I didn't expect this" and then we walk into the dining area - and this was when I just stood there staring in amazement until one of my relatives asked me if I was alright to which I replied "This is fantastic"!!!!

Let me describe the dining area - it is inside one of these big brick warehouses - cracked concrete floors, tables and chairs scattered all over the place, portable gas heaters placed throughout the warehouse to keep guests warm - and people everywhere!!!!!!

To make the place more "children friendly" (and there are kids everywhere) they have a big sand pit - that's right, a sand pit!! - to one side of the dining area and a person surrounded by children blowing up balloons and turning them into "little creatures" for the kids to play with!!

The menu is simple and delicious and caters for both the "oldies" and the children and of course there is a bar there where they sell all the Little Creature products - and let me tell you, a lot was being sold!!!

While talking to one of our friends who was with us I also find out that their dog (that's right - their dog!!!) also has "membership" there and they visit the brewery regularly with their dog to have a drink and a meal (the people - not the dog!!!!LOL).

I must say, this is one of the most ingenious examples of entrepreneurism I have seen in some time and I have to "tip my hat" to the team at Little Creatures - well done guys for making your brewery such a family friendly environment - I am looking forward to our next visit to Geelong because your brewery is definitely on our "to do list" again!!!

What can you do with your business to make it stand out from your competitors so that people can't help but talk about you to others?