Could This Be The Christmas Gift You're Looking For?

Post date: Dec 12, 2014 10:50:44 PM

Since launching the BookPals Business XLerator Community I have been thinking about situations where people may be interested in joining and one came to mind seriously from "left field" but the more I think about it the more it makes sense.

Let me explain - my Mum is almost 80 years old and has everything in life that she needs. As she has gotten older it has been a struggle to think of Christmas and birthday gift ideas for her because we know that whatever we buy her she will accept it, say "Thank you so much - this is lovely", then put it away in her cupboard after we leave - never to look at it again - not because she is being rude, but simply because she has everything she needs.

How do we know this? A year or two ago she relocated from her old house to a retirement village and when we were cleaning out her old house we found all the presents we had bought her neatly stacked in her cupboard and when we asked her about them her reply was "I really do love them - but I just can't think of a need for them, so I thought I would just put them away somewhere safe".

What were we to do? We couldn't simply stop buying her Christmas and birthday presents but we wanted to get something that was of value for her.

Well, the answer was sitting right in front of us!!

Mum loves reading magazines, but as she has gotten older she has found it harder to get to places to buy them so what we did was we purchased annual subscriptions to her favorite magazines so that now - every month - she gets her favorite magazines delivered to her door and to say that she loves hearing that her subscription has been renewed each year is an understatement!!!

What has this got to do with business and the BookPals Business XLerator Community you might ask?

Are you looking for an unusual gift idea for someone you know who runs their own business?

Does this same person constantly talk about trying to work out ways to get more customers through their business doors?

Then why not get them a BookPals Business XLerator membership for Christmas?

Instead of handing them some "trinket" for them to say "Thanks so much" while still worrying about how to make their business more successful, doesn't it make more sense to hand them a card with details of their XLerator membership enclosed and say to them "Here's somewhere where you will find people all helping each other make their businesses more successful"?

Which present do you think they'll appreciate more?