There Are Some Calls That You Dread Receiving

Post date: Nov 5, 2013 6:51:52 AM

Yesterday I received word of the passing of my best friend's father.

This man's passing was more significant than just the death of a mate's parent, because the same person had provided me with guidance and advice on business matters for more than a decade.

He had been an executive manager himself long before I had even left school and I would spend hours talking to him about the similarities in business dynamics, even though our careers were decades apart.

One particular discussion will stay vivid in my mind forever.

Back in the 1990's I found myself in what is best described as a "precarious" situation, where I was in danger of losing my position in the company I was working for to a person who, lets say, believed that the quickest "way to the top" was through the use of "skullduggery" and "half truths"!!

Being twenty years younger - and much less experienced in the ways of these kinds of people than I am now - I (of course!!) thought that the best action for me to take was to simply "explode" and that would "fix everything"!!!! LOL

Fortunately, before "lighting the wick", I dropped around to my mate's father's house to have a chat about things and several hours - and numerous cups of tea later - I headed home with a much more effective plan of action after receiving advice from a much "cooler head".

His advice and the action strategy he suggested (and I implemented) not only saved my position in the company, but it also gave me the opportunity to work in a new customer service role that the company had just created and my time in this department has helped me immensely since I started my own business back in 2006.

Rest In Peace Davey - the guidance and advice that you gave me for all those years will never be forgotten.