Say Goodbye To An Old Friend

Post date: Dec 5, 2013 6:01:44 AM

Long time readers would know of the Success Central website ( where we regularly provided you with suggested reading to help you and your business.

We are sorry to say that Success Central has been closed down.

The reason is quite simple - the site was constantly being spammed by unknown people trying to get readers to click on links that would take them to who knows where and we became concerned that if anyone clicked on one of these links they may have ended up damaging their computer.

Sorry guys, but because of this, we had no option but to close Success Central down, as we did not want your computer to be "broke" because of one of our sites.

Fear not - we will continue to provide you with recommended reading via this blog, because we are committed to helping you and your business and if our suggested reading helps in any way, then we are achieving our goal!!