Are You Hangin' With The Right Crowd?

Post date: Jul 1, 2014 11:46:20 PM

This week was a wonderful week - the "Brothers" all got together for the "middle bloke's" 50th birthday!!!

This doesn't happen often as there is almost 3500 kilometers (almost 2200 miles) between us (one lives in Victoria, one lives in Western Australia and one lives in South Australia - check it out on Google Maps and you'll see what I mean!!!).

Flying home after the party I began reflecting on how fortunate I have been having a family that - even though we have not lived close to each other for over 30 years - is always there for each other when the need arises (and believe me, there have been numerous times over the years when the need has arisen!!!) and it got me thinking about the importance of having people around you that can help you with whatever you need to do to reach your definition of "success".

There is a saying that goes something like you are the product of the five closest people around you and if you agree with this saying, have a look at the five people that influence your life the most and spend some time thinking about how their mindset and/or lifestyle influences your life and how what they do and how they think impacts on what you deem to be "successful".

Are their thoughts and actions helping you become "successful" or, when you step back and look at things objectively, are they actually the reason why your "success" is being hindered?

Everything grows - everything evolves - so if you are struggling to reach the levels of success that you dream of reaching, could part of the reason be the "crowd that you're hangin' with"?

Me - I'm lucky - I have two brothers who are both successful in their own right and it motivates me every day to reach the level of success that I strive for.

Happy birthday Grant.