The Importance Of "Down Time"

Post date: Oct 4, 2013 3:19:48 PM

Long time readers of this and my original blog (now Success Central) will know that I have been spending a lot of time working on a "pet" project called BookPals.

This week has been an interesting week because it is the first time for as long as I can remember that no work has been done on the BookPals project at all!!

The reason is quite simple - my business partner has been away on a four wheel drive expedition and I have been hosting visitors from interstate.

What I have found interesting about this "down time" is that it has totally cleared my mind of the hundred of things that have been bouncing around in my head about the BookPals project and this "clearing of the head" has allowed me to focus on the most important elements of the project, which will be most beneficial to the project as we have a number of important development meetings next week.

Until this past week I have resisted taking time off from the project as I thought taking my "eye off the ball" may be detrimental to the whole project, but I now understand that this "down time" is most beneficial to long term projects as it gives you a chance to "purge" and rejuvenate yourself.

How often are you taking a little "down time" from your business and if you're not, perhaps it is time to start thinking about doing so.